Release of "Just A Fabrockation", The Fabrockators second album.

Track Listing

Don't You Realize
Rocket On The Side
Listen Bartender
What I Feel Today
Don't Call Me
I'll Be Back
Next To You
Natural Kinda Man
Light Up The Fire
Drop It Down


South Maryland’s Seasoned Rock Artists The Fabrockators to Debut New Album “Party You Give”
Featuring the singles “The Sin” and “Lightning, Rain and Thunder”

For Immediate Release

[Huntingtown, MD] Big catchy hooks and hard driving riffs, with a touch of classic rock only begins to describe this new release from the Southern Maryland based rock outfit The Fabrockators. A totally unique combination of hard rock, classic rock, and just plain old ass-kicking rock is on display in “Party You Give”, the band’s debut release.

The band and their album, first released in August of this year, is now entering into a whole new phase of promotion with the engagement of Philadelphia based marketing and consulting firm Allure Media Entertainment. “We have big plans for this record”, stated marketing consultant Ken Cavalier, and it’s only just the beginning. The boys are at it again grinding out new music for their follow up album due to hit the street in early 2011”.

The band consisting of long-time area rock drummer John Wilding, and kick butt guitarist and lead vocalist Craig Pavone are hard working musicians on a mission, a mission to bring back the classic sound of rock and combine it with modern day hard rock.

“Party You Give” showcases this energetic band with highly innovative songwriting, great diversity, and a broad selection of instrumentation. It easily fits into a variety of markets from classic rock to hard rock, but there is little doubt that this album has what it takes, regardless of genre, to stir new emotion and interest in all avenues of the rock music community.

This is especially evident on such standout tracks as “The Sin” and “Lightning, Rain and Thunder”. The band easily shifts from hard driving rhythms to more soothing melodic rock with no apparent ambiguity in determining that this is unquestionably The Fabrockators throughout the record. While Pavone and Wilding have a few personal favorites they state “there are so many good songs on this album that it’s very difficult to choose which one we feel is the strongest”. You could play this record for ten different people and get ten different opinions on which song is the best.

The band, hard at work in the studio, already working on their next record, plans to release 2 digital singles within the next month. Their debut record “Party You Give” is available online at the band’s website as well as on iTunes and CD Baby. The new work will also be available for digital download at the website.

Track Listing

Don’t Bring Me Down
Hot Rod
Party You Give
Lightning, Rain and Thunder
Any Kinda Thrill
Moving North
Winter’s Coming
Got My Freedom
The Sin


The Fabrockators and Glamorama Studios featured in southern Maryland newspapers.